About Us

Diplomatic Real Estate & Relocation Agency gives professional service to clients (mainly to embassies, international based companies, exchange students and international non-governmental organizations, foreign academicians) expats who desires to be resident temporary and permanently in Ankara. With furnished or unfurnished apartments, villas, condos, residences , in our portfolio, we are glad to help you. Diplomatic Real Estate & Relocation relies on belief of arrangement with satisfaction.

As proactive company Diplomatic Real Estate & Relocation members, we believe that quality service is essential for the process of relocation, we work for the best solution for our clients to arrange the best place to stay.

Accommodation conditions are the first part of adaptation to a new environment. Diplomatic Real Estate & Relocation provides rental house service including furnished or unfurnished prestigious apartments, villas and condos. As location, we have wide range of accommodation options which we can present according to the criteria you will choose within whole borders of Ankara.

Our goal is not only renting apartments to you as expats but also giving support to make your life here in Ankara as easy as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you in Ankara!

Our Servıces


Providing Houses for Sale&Rent

Diplomatic Real Estate & Relocation provides prestigious furnished and unfurnished rental apartments, residences, villas and condos. As soon as we grasp of your needs for choosing apartment, we specify the options of houses from our wide range portfolio and present these alternatives until you find your ideal place to stay.

Residence & Work Permit Counselling:

Diplomatic Real Estate & Relocation gives services for short-term residence permit and work permit applications. 

Vehicle / Traffic Registration and Licence Plate Application Services:

Customs clearance and legal procedures are followed for obtaining vehicle registration and licence plate.

Insurance Counselling Services:

Counselling services for private health and vehicle insurances are provided . 

Social and Cultural Services:



City Tour

Language Support

Registering Language Courses

Professional Guide Services

Utility Services will be arranged by Diplomatic:





Plumbing Services

Internet Services

Heating Services

Official Dealing Services

Notary Processes